Russian tour-operators started selling tours to another Mediterranean country

The start of Aeroflot flights to another Mediterranean country stimulated Russian tour operators to sell tours on these flights. We are talking about the Mediterranean state of Tunisia, where the Russian national air carrier announced the start of flights from May 30, 2023. According to experts, this tourist destination to the Mediterranean this season will be in demand among Russians.

No excitement is expected due to high prices even for air tickets to Tunisia, but in the conditions of a closed «sanctions» Europe, when in fact only the Mediterranean resorts of Turkey, Israel and Egypt are available to Russian tourists, this program is guaranteed to be in demand.

Flights will be operated from Russia from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport at 11 am with arrival in Tunisia at 6 pm local time. Return flights will operate at 19:45 with arrival at 5:55 the next day. Total flight time will be almost 9 hours. Airfare prices are also impressive: in early June 2023. an air ticket from Russia to Tunisia will cost about 50 thousand rubles. without luggage and from 55 thousand rubles. with luggage. At the end of June, air travel will cost even more, from 60 to 70 thousand rubles.

Prices for tours to Tunisia for Russians in 2023 start at 155 thousand rubles. As a rule, this is a 4 * hotel, all-inclusive meals, insurance and a group transfer. You can always compare the current cost of offers, view and select, and then immediately book a tour to Tunisia from Russia from Russian tour operators at the best prices with well-known online aggregators: ✈ Travelata and ✈  Level.Travel.

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